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Smoked BBQ Chicken

Want something better than the typical BBQ Caterers or Barbecue Fast Food seen on TV Commercials? Tastee BQ Grilling Co., cooks freshly prepared Custom Menus for almost any budget, whether it’s Hot Dogs and Burgers or Steak and Lobster. Along with Meats, we do a variety of Snacks, Salads, Side Dishes and Desserts for Summer BBQs, Birthdays, and Holiday Parties. Even a Wedding or Two. We also offer Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan and Vegetarian BBQ. What is on the Menu? You tell us.

With a wide variety of dishes, our rates have ranged from $15 to $150 per person. [Additional fees for Party Planning, Rentals, and Event Staffing not included.] Some dishes rely on the availability of an onsite Kitchen, while others can be prepared onsite by Grill only. Tells us about your Party and let’s see what we can do for you. Use the quick Contact Form below or email

For Menu Ideas, here are some photos of dishes from recent Parties, along with lists of others we prepare:


img_7853Smoked Waygu Steak Roast
img_2429Smoked Wild Salmon with Lemon and Dill
img_9022Smoked Spiral Sliced Ham

WE ALSO SMOKE: BBQ Back Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Salmon, Steak/ Beef Roasts, Turkey, Ham, Lamb Roasts, Sausages, Hot Dogs, Pulled Pork, Hot Wings.


Grilled Chicken Tenders

Grilled Chicken Tenders

WE ALSO GRILL: BBQ Back Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Salmon, Steak/ Beef Roasts, Turkey, Ham, Lamb Roasts, Sausages, Hot Dogs, Pulled Pork, Hot Wings.Steaks, Chicken, Salmon, Lamb Chops, Lobster, Pork Chops/Roasts, Kebabs, Carne Asada, Burgers


img_3714Grilled Caesar Salad
img_2433Grilled Vegetables
img_0838Tossed Spinach Salad with Tomato, Egg and Smoked Bacon

OTHER VEGETABLE DISHES: Grilled Caesar Salad, Spinach Salad, Cabbage or Carrot Cole Slaw, Grilled Vegetables, Cob Corn, Smoked Roasted Potatoes, Green Beans with Grilled Veggies.


img_1827Steak and Chicken Kebabs
img_0454Grilled Chicken Paella
img_3867Smoked Mussels

img_3559Lettuce Cup Steak Tacos
img_0448Grilled Seafood Paella
img_7229-e1410914211442Grilled Potato Salad

OTHER ENTREES/SIDES: Mac n’ Three Cheese Casserole, Gruyere Scalloped Potatoes, Grilled Veggie Platter, Dirty Rice, Paella, Savory BBQ Baked Beans, Grilled Potato Salad, Lettuce Cup Tacos, Orzo Casserole and Salads, Smoked Oysters and Mussels, Special Holiday Stuffings, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.


img_1822Hamburger Bites
img_1118Smoked Chips and Nuts
img_9136Grilled Bell Pepper Nachos with Shrimp and Steak

img_4115BBQ Hot Wings
img_7207Grilled Reuben Bites
img_3712Grilled Veggie Sticks


MORE SNACKS: Smoked Chips, Smoked Salsa, Nachos, Smoked Nuts, Grilled Carrot and Veggie Sticks, Pizza Bites, Mini- Grilled Rueben Sandwiches, Sliders, Croque Monsieur Bites,  and (of course) Mick’s World Famous BBQ Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger Popcorn (seen on Frankenfood)


Corn Muffins

Corn Muffins

MORE BREADS: Cast Iron Corn Bread, Corn Muffins, Grilled Garlic Bread or Dinner Rolls, Brazilian Cheese Bites (Gluten Free).

img_2348Bakery Theme Cakes
img_8804Frappe Punch
img_3717Fruit Platter

GRILLED DESSERTS: Bananas Flambe’, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Cherries Jubilee, Grilled Pound Cake, Apples, Peaches, Plums (served A La Made, whenever possible)

OTHER DESSERTS: Baked Alaska, Frappe Punch, Theme Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies or Fruit Platters (some supplied by Bakery)

Grilled ELT Sandwich, Eggplant, Lettuce, Tomato. (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Grilled ELT Sandwich, Eggplant, Lettuce, Tomato. (Vegan, Gluten Free)

*Organic, Gluten Free and Vegan Menus by Request.

**Bartenders or Servers also Available.


img_1809Smoked Chicken Combo Pizza
img_1662Smoked Sausage Combo Pizza

OFFICE-STUDIO LUNCH/ PARTY DROP-OFF CATERING– Salad Trays/Platters, Sub or Club Sandwich Platters, Specialty Gourmet and Chicago Style Pizzas, Meat, Cheese & Spinach Lasagnas, Pastas. Supplied by Tastee BQ Grilling Co. w/ Cheech’s Pizza.

Visit Cheech’s Pizza or order Delivery anytime to try their new line of Smoked Chicken, Sausage and Veggie Pizzas inspired by California Gold BBQ Rubs Recipes. Cheech’s Pizza – 2016 N. Hillhurst, Los Angeles 90027. (323) 666-7744

HEROIC! by California Gold BBQ Rubs

HEROIC! by California Gold BBQ Rubs

Try Cooking with our flavors at Home. California Gold BBQ Rubs (created by Tastee BQ Grilling Co.) :

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